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Monster Green is maybe the hardest tap-to-jump retro style game. Prove you can beat all 10 levels. Play Now!MONSTER GREEN GAME

How to play:
One Tap Control - use your left mouse button or finger on touch-pad/touch-screen to tap on screen

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Are you a gamer looking for new jumping games? Do you feel adventurous and want to try playing challenging games? Check out Monster Green, our newest and hardest game where you have to make the perfect jump!
We have prepared many nasty surprises for you. Do you dare venture into this monster world?
Despite the difficulty, we promise you will also be addicted to this jump adventure. Don’t call yourself a gamer if you can’t even beat one level on our monster game. :)
Monster Green has a pretty simple gameplay: tap to jump from the platforms, avoid obstacles and dangers, eat the cute yellow monsters, and exit by falling into the Big Green Monster’s gaping mouth! However, you will soon find that Monster Green has high difficulty level, far ahead of other classic arcade games you have ever encountered. Do you have what it takes to beat all 10 levels of our monstrous monster game?
Monster Green is not for the faint of heart. This retro arcade game is much more challenging than other tap games you have ever encountered. If you don’t have the skill and patience you won’t succeed beating our jump adventure. We want to challenge you as a gamer to see if you can beat this awesome tapping games with your skill! See how skillful you are in knowing fast when and where you have to jump!


★ FREE to play! Play this awesome monster adventure game anytime and anywhere on your device.
★ Attractive retro games design. Enjoy the classic arcade games environment through this game.
★ Cool retro soundtrack to accompany you on your adventurous quest in this tapping game.
★ The most addictive and hardest game you have ever encountered among other classic arcade games!
★ Simple Rules and gameplay: tap to guide the green monster to jump on the platforms. Avoid obstacles and dangers. Collect the yellow monsters. Exit via Big Green Monster.
★ One tap control. You only need to tap. No need of weapon upgrades, or other complicated stuff that other adventure games make you do. Just prove that you have the perfect tap skill and timing.
★ Perfect jump. Make a perfect jump or face the risk of dying, being sent back, or paralyzed!
★ 10 challenging levels with progressive difficulty. Things are getting a lot harder as you make your way in this monster games world. See if you can progress past the fifth level!


Why is Monster Green so addictive? You might ask this question after you find yourself unable to stop playing our latest tap game. The first reason is because it’s challenging. It takes everything you have to beat just one level. And on the next level our adventure game, we up the ante and it is even more difficult than before! We also give many nasty dangers. Think you get the hang of the platform jumping? Not so fast! There are other monster, spikes, and lots of awful things lurking to kill you. This is a monster game after all!

Monster Green is FREE to download and play, so there’s no reason for you not to try this arcade games. Think you are an awesome and skilled gamer? Try beating one level in your first game and we can talk. Not succeeding? Ha, you need to improve your jumping skill.

Ok, so you have moved on to level 5. That is not so bad after all right? Well, see if you can beat level 6 and upwards. We bet you can’t (just joking). Can you prove us wrong?
Or do you have to admit that you’ve been defeated by our monster adventure arcade game?
Joking apart, we hope you will have a lot of fun playing Monster Green. :))

Feel free to send us an email [email protected] if you find any issue with our green monster game. If you like it, please support us by leaving a rating and review.

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