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The Bones Game makes radio fun!The Bones Game does not offer prizes, but it does keep scores and submits those to sponsoring radio stations. Those stations may from time to time offer prizes and may use The Bones Game as a factor in awarding those prizes.

When you register to play you will select a sponsoring radio station and you will only be competing against players from your own local area. Successfully complete five levels of play to have your scores entered into the local competition. You can play the game without registering, but you must register to be in the local competition.

To score well in The Bones Game you should view the 2-minute video on the home page of the game. The game involves a balance of strategy, risk and reward. You will develop your own strategy to maximize your score, and that will involve choosing among three options at each move you make:
1) Click a game board tile and hunt for a bone.
2) Click the SHUFFLE button when it has been enabled for the level you are on.
3) Click "Save and Advance" to move on to the next level, where the risk of adding another bone is less.

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