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Free nursing math calculators, converters and tools for nurses. Solve for medicine dosage and medical equations and formulas.Nursing math calculators for solving dosage and medical related formulas and equations.

Step by step solutions are included to help understand the calculations. Great for people getting an education in the nursing or health fields.

The major subjects include

1. Oral drug dosage

- Solid dosage for tablets capsules and pills

- Liquid dose volume for solutions and syrups

2. Parenteral Medication Dosage

- Injectable - syringe solutions, fluids and liquids

3. Solution Reconstitution

- Non-injectable for enteral and oral feeding/irrigants and tropical solutions. Uncludes amount of solute and solvent.

4. Intravenous (IV) Dosage

- Electronic Flow Setting - flow or pump rate setting for regulators and controllers

- Electronic Infusion Time - duration of infusion

- Electronic Volume - volume of liquid, solution or fluid

- Manual Control Setting - drops per minute, drip rate or watch count for gravity tubing

- Manual Control Infusion Time - duration of infusion

- Manual Control Volume - volume of liquid, solution or fluid

5. Body Surface Area (BSA) Dosage

6. Unit Converter and Measurement Conversion

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