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Grab a random image from a subreddit imgur galleryNeed a little dose of your favorite subreddit, but don't feel like slogging through the site (or maybe work went and blocked you out)? Subreddit Dose to the rescue!

If your subreddit of choice has pictures, this handy-dandy little app will load the gallery and give you random images out of it to your heart's content.

-Feel free to watch the video for a detailed look of it in action.

-Worried about your kids or coworkers seeing something inappropriate while you get your reddit on? Never fear! Safe For Work is automatically turned on, however it can be turned off at any time in the options. It's so safe for work the title of the photo won't even show up when you hover.

-Options button, and, heck, ALL the options are now on every page so if you want to swap subreddits, sfw or turn the buttons off it's even easier!

-(NEW!) Now you have the option to view images in https! Check it out!

-A small selection of cool subreddits have been added to the options page! Just click on the drop down, click on the subreddit and go!

-Modify the saved subreddits- add the ones you like, toss the ones you don't. Just click the star!

-Slicker graphics and jiggly bits (just open a menu and see), including no longer accidentally selecting things on the page when you're trying to swipe with the mouse.

-Hover your mouse over the photo to get the title!

-It plays gifs!

-Want to share the image you're looking at with all your friends? Now you can SHARE! Swipe down to open it up, up if you want to close it, or you can use the big friendly toggle button.

-Auto-starts in /r/aww, however you can change that to whatever you please in options (yes, you can even go to gonewild. Just turn off the SFW).

-Don't feel like clicking the big friendly button at the bottom or using the back button to keep going? You don't have to! Swipe it just like on a phone! Check out the handy help page for more info!

-Special swipes for the front page! DOWN calls options, UP calls an about page and RIGHT now calls the help page instead of the back being continually triggered (so now you don't have to worry if you swiped too far forcing you to back completely out).

-Photos auto-resize to fit the page, even if you're on a phone.

-You want to make them photos full size and button free and just get your swipe on? Do it! Go to options, turn off the buttons and get your swipe on!

-Bonus of the cutest picture of Catbug ever! (Please be aware I do not own the rights to Catbug and this is an unofficial tribute. I just hope the picture makes my users smile as much as it makes me smile.)

Even better, we're still hard at work adding updates to it! Have an option you'd like to see or another share button you could use? Let us know!

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