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Lean project management, simplified. Kanban tool with support for the Pomodoro Technique.*** This app is a link to KanbanFlow.com, but we do use some Chrome extensions to improve the user experience ***

KanbanFlow is a Lean project management tool allowing real-time collaboration between team members. It supports the popular Pomodoro technique for time tracking.

The Kanban board gives you an excellent overview of your current work situation. It's suitable both for increasing your personal productivity and as a project management tool for a team of people.

When working in a team of people you can instantly see what other people are working on right now, what has been done and what is coming up.

As soon as any of the team members makes a change to the Kanban board, that change is visible on all the team members screens. So if you add, delete or move a task on your screen, the same action happens instantly for the rest of the team on their screens.

You can optionally track the time you are working on a task by using a timer. The timer supports the popular Pomodoro technique for time management. The Pomodoro technique recommends working with full focus for 25 minutes before taking a short break. Then work another 25 minutes followed by another break. And so on.

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