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A shortcut to Chrome bookmarksThis is just a shortcut to Chrome bookmarks page.

When installed, it will add "Bookmarks" button to your apps list (on the "New Tab" page and in the Chrome App Launcher).

Click the icon and you'll open the bookmarks page. That's all this "app" does...

** Permissions **

The bookmarks app doesn't need any permissions.

** Questions & Answers **

Why adding separate app to access bookmarks when it’s accessible with two clicks from the menu?
-- You don’t need to, but for some of us accessing the bookmarks page right from the apps tab / crome app launcher is convenient option. Besides, there is beautiful big icon ;-)

But chrome apps and extensions eat system memory, why wasting resources just for quick shortcut to the bookmarks?
-- The bookmarks button doesn’t “eat” memory. In technical terms, it uses non-persistent background page, which means chrome doesn’t need to reserve memory for the bookmarks app (check the Chrome Task Manager if you don’t trust us -- when you click on the bookmarks icon it will start the extension, open the bookmarks page and release the memory right after that)

If I install the bookmarks button, is it easy to remove the app later?
-- Yes, you can remove it with literally two clicks (just goo to the apps page, right-click on the bookmarks button and select “Remove from Chrome”)

How to add the bookmarks button to the main toolbar?
-- To get the bookmarks shortcut added to the toolbar you’ll need to install the bookmarks extension:

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