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Streamfully brings you novel & personalized content, down to every snippet.Stop wasting time clicking on useless links—Look before you Link.

Version 1.12 improves the 'mute' controls from V1.11, letting you manually add sites to 'mute' the Streamfully pop-up. Find these new controls from the Settings icon on Streamfully's pop-up title bar or from Streamfully Options on the Chrome Extensions page.

Version 1.10 had minor fixes.

Version 1.9 adds blacklist for gmail and other common webmail programs, to avoid running the pop-up. Prior updates had minor bug fixes.

Roll over a hyperlink and Streamfully brings you novel & personalized content, down to every snippet. Streamfully analyzes each page the way you would—based on your prior reading & current context—and automatically selects and streams each snippet for you, creating a connected flow from one idea to the next.

It also brings you personalized snippets from pages closely related to your current context, while avoiding repetition.

We love feedback—please send us yours to [email protected]

Tip: Use shift-control-equals to toggle Streamfully on and off. See the FAQ at for more tips.
Prior updates:

Version 1.5 adds new item under Settings that controls how quickly the pop-up occurs when you roll over a link.

Version 1.4 has Settings icon in title bar, to clear personal history on a link to repeat content; and also improvements in quality of personalization and speed.

Version 1.3 highlights the snippet to indicate you can click to get the next personalized snippet and updated related links.

Version 1.2 has speed and formatting improvements.

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