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Reduces lag as much as possible by removing everything from the page except for the game itself.Do you enjoy playing Tetris Friends games, yet your skill is limited by lag or a slow computer? If so, this is for you!

What this extension does is remove everything from the page except for the game itself and the nice-looking background, set the Flash quality to "low" instead of "high", and set the "wmode" parameter to "direct". This reduces lag significantly.

It also scales the game to the window size. If the game is too slow, reduce the window size.


4.3.2, 2016-09-23: Reverting back to 3.0.4 due to bugs.

4.3.1, 2016-09-22:
Game resizes with the window, window uses minimal content document, other ad-blocking software will not increase performance.

3.0.4, 2015-06-23
Updated to use the "direct" wmode for faster rendering.

1.0.2, 2014-10-06
This extension used to be the "Minimal Tetris Friends" Userscript, but that website has been down for months. Bask in the glory of your favorite userscript as an easy-to-install extension instead.

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