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Anti-Stress Button helps you surf online stress-free, any time, any place.Struggling with stress? Add Anti-Stress Button now and save your ass with just a single mouse click!

Using Facebook at work, browsing inappropriate sites at home or just doing private business online – no harm, until your boss, spouse or children walk by. That’s where the anti-stress button comes in. With just one single mouse click, all tabs disappear. You can even mark some safe pages, who pop up instead of the private ones. All your vanished pages get saved in a private folder. So when the coast is clear, just click again the anti-stress button, and you can get back to whatever you were doing. For added security you can set a password, so that only you get to restore the tabs.

So from now on, no more stressing about who might walk in to what. Anti-stress button provides a relaxing time online, any time, any place.

Note about Permissions & Privacy: We need access to save locally all the sites you access to be able to restore it later. We do not keep any of your browsing history.

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