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Reformats TnT tool screens for better usability on vertical screensVersion 1.19.1
Tiny tweak for width of targeting on Locations in Edit screen when there's a triple-digit mbox count

Version 1.19
Added sorting of Mbox Collisions / Shared Location modal
[the screen that pops up when you click (123) in the Locations area]
--Click column header to sort, click again for reverse sort

Version 1.18
Now works on all "admin#" servers

Version 1.17
Edit screen - Success Metrics - focus is now placed in the search box automatically when selecting/updating the mbox location.

Version 1.16
Tightened spacing & reformatted slightly in Locations area after "Adobe Target Classic 15.6.1 (June 22, 2015)" launch

Version 1.15
Fix for masthead tabs after "Adobe Target Classic 15.6.1 (June 22, 2015)" launch

Version 1.14.1
Prevented multiple mbox label entry fields from showing up in the same Location

Version 1.14
Added "Archive Popup" w/Captcha-like function to confirm archive action (to avoid accidental breaking of visitor cookies)

Version 1.13
[Mbox Labels]
*Added ability to individually label each mbox location
- To help identify where they show up on the site
- Also to differentiate a long list of same-named mboxes, especially in Recipe section
*Click + sign to open text box, type into text box, press return key
- Empty the box and press return to clear, or press ESC to exit

Version 1.12.1
Success Metrics report - "x" and "+" not showing up in column headers (even w/o extension), tweaking styles to fix

Version 1.12
-Now that Chrome finally remembers your password on the login screen, no longer setting focus to pw field (which ironically causes problems)
-Added copies of [Save & Approve] [Save] [Cancel] buttons at the TOP of the edit screen.

Version 1.11
Updated/fixed offer direct load to work more often and throw an alert when it can't

Version 1.10
Added "log" link after "edit" link on Campaigns listing page (goes straight to "Change Log" tab)

Version 1.9
Added "Save & Reopen" button to Offers

Version 1.8.2
Reformatted banner messaging images to get out of the way

Version 1.8.1
Minor performance enhancements

Version 1.8
[Updates related to launch]
*All pages
- General cleanup of code
- Changed 'm' to 'M' to match subtle classname changes for flyouts (to change direction)
*Campaign List
- Reformatted Adobe messaging box
- Removed formatting fixes (it's now fixed for real) for search box icons / width
*Campaign Edit
- Tweaked position of resizeable box handle
- Tweaked display of targeting text to fit on one line
*Campaign Reports
- Tweaked position of 'x' in Success Metrics Report header boxes (which collapses the column when clicked) so it doesn't overlap
- Removed formatting fixes (it's now fixed for real) for search box icons / width

Version 1.7
Removed mouseover from "Adobe Marketing Cloud" menu link, replaced with click to open/close.

Version 1.6.2
Fixed bug with edit link placer, pressing Backspace in an empty search box would place another Edit link. Also added a couple more chars to start the placer routine (period, underscore, colon)

Version 1.6.1
90% browser zoom formatting tweaks

Version 1.6
*Campaign Edit Screen (regular & 1:1)
- Tweaked down-arrow menu spacing and flip for each section (kept for 1:1 Locations, removed for all others)
- Added "Resizable" and "BIG" buttons to Targeting modal
*Campaign List
- Tweaked "Edit" link-adder to run more often and more reliably

Version 1.5.1
New announcement required slight tweak in formatting

Version 1.5
Added css tweak to Campaigns page to reformat launch announcement box.
Updated to manifest version 2.

Version 1.4.2
Added "" as a url match for the Campaigns page, assuming most people will set this as their default page.

Version 1.4.1
Added Backspace and Delete to keys detected in campaign search box (for "edit" placer).
Tweaked edit placer to run more often

Version 1.4
Integrated direct offer load into Offers page. There is now a box labeled "Direct" with a Load link next to it. Type an offer number like 72805 (you typically see numbers like this when viewing the source of a page with a campaign running on it) into the box and hit enter or click the link to directly load the offer into the modal.

Flipped flyout box to the right on campaign edit screen for 1:1 campaigns.

Version 1.3
Automatically moves focus to the password box on the login screen (since it almost always remembers email address), this one has been driving me crazy for a long time.

Automatically moves focus to the Search box on the campaigns list screen since that's almost always what you do first on that page.

Version 1.2
I finally got tired of waiting for the Edit flyout to show up after I had to use it a lot yesterday, so I included some code to add an "edit" link at the end of each campaign name. It's not perfect, there are a couple scenarios it won't handle, but it works enough of the time to be quite useful

Version 1.1
This version moves the tabs to the top, thus freeing up space on the left hand side, as well as moves the submenus around a bit so they're easier to see when you mouseover the tabs. It also tweaks a few of the in-page dropdown menus to load the other direction when they're too close to the edge of the screen.

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