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Automatically refresh a project when source files changeF5NoMore is a project for Web Developers to help them develop a more seamless workflow by monitoring a local project for changes and immediately reflecting updates in the browser (by automatically reloading the page).


F5NoMore is composed of two parts:

* Python Package
* Chrome Extension

The python script watches the filesystem for changes and when it sees changes it communicates with the extension which reloads the page.


You need to install both the F5NoMore Python package and the F5NoMore Google Chrome Extension. You can install the chrome extension from this page.

Installing the python package
There are three steps to install the python package:

* Install Python (https://www.python.org/download/)
* Install pip (http://pip.readthedocs.org/en/latest/installing.html)
* Run "python -m pip install f5nomore"

You can find more info about the python package at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/F5NoMore


Once everything is installed you should start the python script with:

python -m f5nomore

Next you should set up the files you want to watch using the Chrome extension:

* Double click on the F5 icon to open the file select dialogue.
* Add a new project
* Open the new project by clicking the arrow to the left of it
* Select the file/folders you want to watch
* Close the dialog

Now click once on the F5 icon to toggle F5NoMore on and off in a given tab

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