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Filter Gmail Inbox based on how much action is needed: #FYIs, #Questions, #ToDosNew in 0.2.7:
- Stats page for premium users
- Multiple bug fixes and enhancements

New in 0.2.5:
- Until your friends join we can help you with Smart Filters
- Smart filters for FYIs and Questions
- Even if friends don't tag emails we try our best to find them for you
- New header/footer to show clearly the intent of the email for fast results
- Multiple bug fixes

TOO many emails?
TOO little time?
Time to TagaTOO!

Tagatoo is the free patented app that transforms your never-ending stream of emails into clear, organized, and actionable communication for radically improved productivity.

Designed to plug-and-play seamlessly with any computer or mobile device, Tagatoo is currently available for your Gmail and Google-Apps accounts (other platforms coming soon). No new account or IT integration required—navigate with ease through Tagatoo’s clean, simple design. If you know how to send an email, you know how to Tagatoo.

___ Tag your email
___ & boost productivity
___ with a single click
People tend to initiate an email communication for one of three fundamental reasons: 1) to share information, 2) to request information, or 3) to ask that an action be taken. But these reasons are often poorly stated—if stated at all!—causing misunderstandings, delays, and inefficiencies.

Tagatoo makes the purpose of an email crystal clear—instantly—by turning your email’s existing “Send” button into a trifecta “Send As” button that gives you a choice of three one-click “Intent” tags: 1) FYI, 2) Quick Question, or 3) Action Request.

So now when you send an email, its purpose is immediately clear, and the recipient knows exactly how to respond. Both senders and receivers can easily filter through questions and action items to prioritize projects and handily meet deadlines.

___ Two can Tagatoo
While Tagatoo was designed to deliver maximum advantage when leveraged by both email senders and recipients, solo users also benefit significantly by gaining an organized “Sent” folder and never again losing track of a request—even if the recipient does—enhancing productivity and progress all around.

___ Stop wasting time…
___ it’s time to Tagatoo!
With people spending an average of 20 hours a week on email, it’s time to cut through the clutter and be more productive. Tagatoo empowers you to do just that by using your existing Gmail or Google-Account to:

• Tag emails as an FYI, Quick Question or Action Request with a single click
• Turn every email into a ToDo with a due date
• Filter quickly through tagged emails to prioritize and meet deadlines—review the rest when time allows
• Set an automated reminder for follow-up when asking questions or requesting action
• Invite co-workers and friends to Tagatoo and bring a new social component to email communication—as social interaction increases, your inbox organizes itself, saving you even more time


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