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Automaticly controls your Hue lights based on Plex interactionBETA - BETA

You have a Plex Media Server and Chrome running on the same device and also some Hue lights in your living room? Good news, you can let Plex control your Hue Scenes when you start watching a show or movie.

AutoLights can be configured to connect Plex Series to Hue Light Scenes. When a show is playing on Plex, the corresponding Hue Scene will be activated. You pause or stop watching, other scenes will be activated. All rules can be manually configured.

Currently supporting:
- Auto detection of Hue Bridge and authorisation with the 'link button'
- List series in Plex Series Sections
- List all (cached) Hue Scenes
- Create and remove rules to connect Plex Series to Hue Scenes, based on active platform
- Create default rules for Shows and Movies
- Create rules for 'paused' and 'stopped' state
- Pause and resume the Plex monitoring (toggle icon)

Good to know:
- Scenes from Hue are only listed if they are recently used. If a scene is not available, activate it manually with your Hue app and reload the 'options'-page
- Series are retrieved from the "TV Shows" section-type in Plex.
- Toggle the icon to disable/active the monitoring on the Plex playing status.
- There is a maximum delay of about 1 minute in switching light scenes. Due to restrictions this can't be any shorter.

What's new 0.1.50214:
- Bug fixes for icon behaviour
- Improved error handling

What's new 0.1.50213:
- New icons
- Persistent running in background

What's new 0.1.50207:
- Bug fix for sunset/sunrise
- Bug fix for sorting selection fields on options page

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