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Get properties(including dimensions, URL, file size, file type info) of the image your cursor is pointing to via context menu.@updated on 2016/10/15
*minor bug fix

@updated on 2016/10/07
*minor changes

@updated on 2011/01/02
*if an image's scaled, scaled dimensions will be displayed

@updated on 2010/12/26
*Font shadow removed

@updated on 2010/12/06
*add an 'ALT' field
*you could now press ESC key to close the popup window

@updated on 2010/11/23:
*now getting info async, the info window will appear more quickly
*can handle base64 data correctly

@updated on 2010/10/25:
*To mac users, you could see the action now
*Little change made to improve the file size info
*The size of the popup window may look better now

Get information of the image your cursor is pointing to, including image dimensions, file size, url, file type and preview.

*Known Issue: Sometimes the file size can not be shown.

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