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A small app to preserve your sanity during the workday.An unobtrusive app for writers to stay productive and avoid burnout.

Writing well and consistently is incredibly hard — maybe the hardest part of your job. Bisque is a tomato flavored suite of productivity tools, to help writers stay focused, motivated and energetic. Beyond setting work/rest cycles, Bisque also tracks your words per minute as you type in browser-based word processors, like Google Docs. Bisque can then help you discover what time of day you're most productive and also if you're on track to meet your goals.

You can also block yourself from distracting sites while you're working, or lock the browser when you should be taking a computer break. Bisque also syncs with Google Tasks to help you build and check off your list of to-dos.

To begin: install the app; log in with Google; click the icon in the bottom left to set your timer and greylist; then start the timer and get to it! Click the icon in the bottom right to track your writing habits in Bisque's interactive graphs. The top right icon monitors your to-dos. Pick and choose the features you want to use, and get to work! From everyone at Team Bisque, we greatly hope you enjoy this app!

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