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Accessibility Checker for Developers in ChromeFind and fix accessibility issues on your website by using the axe DevTools Chrome extension.

The axe DevTools browser extension for Chrome is a fast, lightweight accessibility testing tool powered by the world’s most popular accessibility testing engine, axe-core.

Benefits of building accessible sites include:
-Better user experiences for all, including people with disabilities.
-Expanded addressable market.
-Reduced risk of accessibility-related lawsuits.
-Search engine optimization.
-And more.

Axe DevTools is easier to use, provides the most comprehensive automated and guided tests in the world and offers three tiers of features to enable your digital accessibility efforts at multiple maturity levels.

★ NEW: Intelligent Guided Testing
Intelligent Guided Tests raise accessibility issues by asking developers a series of simple questions about page content and then build an issue report based on their answers. These issues are not otherwise detectable by automated testing alone. A wide array of AI-powered tests are available to assist in complex accessibility testing efforts like:
-Keyboard testing
-Buttons and links testing
-ARIA modal dialog testing
-Forms testing

★ Automated testing
With the push of a button, axe DevTools analyses your site, surfacing a majority of common accessibility issues. Drill down into each issue inspect the source of the problem and act on the free remediation advice to help fix it.

★ No False Positives
Nobody has time to chase issues that aren’t actually issues. Axe DevTools only reports issues with absolute certainty. If the tool you are using isn’t powered by axe-core like this one, you’re wasting time on re-work.

★ Fastest and least expensive path to accessible
When paired with manual testing, axe DevTools can help you meet your compliance needs. In fact, when axe DevTools is used to proactively catch the majority of accessibility issues (up to 84%) it leaves just a small percentage of issues remaining for experts to test for manually. This unique approach saves time, money and effort for everyone involved.

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