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Add this app to your Chrome browser and replace all instances of the ridiculous name "Greg" with the correct term "Gerg."What's in a name? That which we call a Gerg by any other name would smell as sweet.

Or would it?

Imagine spending your whole life being told your name was 'Greg', when in fact you 'knew' it should be spelt differently. This is the fate that has befallen Gerg Druggan. Despite being assigned the ridiculous moniker 'Greg' at birth, he always knew he was a Gerg.

And I, his friend, want to help and support him in his name reassignment. That's why I've created this extension to, in some small way, liberate him from the shackles of Gregdom and set him on the course to full name realignment.

With that in mind I ask that you install this extension to correct his name (and a few other pertinent words) across the interwebs.

Stand with Gerg, make a difference today and proclaim at the top of your lungs "I AM GERG".

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