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Add direct links to imported modules on GitHub source code.This extension adds direct links in the GitHub source code viewer, to any imported modules or files. If you're browsing source code on GitHub this extension will improve your life.

Languages and files supported:

* Python
* PHP (external packages listed on composer.json files)
* Nim
* Dart (.dart and pubspec.yaml)
* Rust (.rs files and Cargo.toml)
* Javascript (.js, .jsx, .coffee, .ts, .tsx, package.json files)
* Ruby (.rb files, Rakefile and Gemfile)
* Crystal (.cr and shard.yml files)
* Julia
* Go
* Haskell (modules on .hs files and packages on stack.yaml)
* Elm (modules on .elm files and packages on elm-package.json)
* PureScript
* C (local .h files and some of the stdlib)

Unlike Octolinker, this extension creates real <a href="..."> links, so there are no problems with middle-clicks, Ctrl-clicks etc.

Also, links load without reloading the page, so ultra-fast (like normal GitHub links).


Don't see your language? Found a bug? Contributions are welcome, please come to If you don't want to code, you're welcome to give a description of the bug or ideas on how to improve or implement support for some language.

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