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To use, type 'res' to trigger a psudo RES commandline in the omnibox.Go here for more information:

This extension attempts to port the command line from the Reddit Enhancement Suite to the Omnibox (that URL bar you're so use to, that's what it's called, the "Omnibox". This extension is not owned by nor dose it contain components from RES. It merely works as a URL completer.

Awhile ago (after I got used to the RES command-line) I began wishing to be able to invoke commands from the URL bar from anywhere. Upon doing research into chrome extension coding and reteaching myself JavaScript (I hate languages containing 'java' in their names, they've never been good to me), I completed my first extension. Seeing it run completely for the first time gave me the rush of the feeling that I can publish this product to the public. This is my first coding project I actually publish anywhere... for people to use.

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