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Lightweight tool to make reading webcomic archives more enjoyable.This extension makes archival reading of webcomics more enjoyable by adding some quality-of-life enhancements to your reading experience. For now, this includes using the left and right arrow-keys for navigation and copying any alt-text to below the comic.

This currently supports the following websites:
- daisyowl.com
- xkcd.com
- drmcninja.com
- smbc-comics.com
- qwantz.com
- mspaintadventures.com
- alicegrove.com
- buttersafe.com
- dresdencodak.com
- gunnerkrigg.com
- harkavagrant.com
- lackadaisycats.com
- paradoxspace.com
- poorlydrawnlines.com
- prequeladventure.com
- romanticallyapocalyptic.com
- samandfuzzy.com
- collectedcurios.com

Feel free to request support for more websites or new features!

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