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Deterministic password management for Chrome.Pazz is a deterministic password manager.

Like 1Password or Lastpass it lets you use different passwords for different websites. Unlike the above however there is no need to trust an external party, or store any kind of file or 'vault' as all passwords are generated on the fly each time you look them up. This is possible by using an algorithm called a hash on your master password and the site you want a password for.

This means you can't choose your own passwords, but also that you'll never lose you passwords so long as you remember your master password.

Pazz is open source, the chrome extension source code can be found at github:

Note that Pazz is a very early prototype and no guarantees can be made. If you are not ok with this, please don't try Pazz.

Note that no data is stored anywhere on disk or sent anywhere, you can see for yourself than Pazz requires no additional permissions to run. The random passwords are generated from just your master password and the name of the site. So pay attention to the site and make sure to type your password correctly.


Using Pazz to generate your passwords:
1. Sign up for a website or choose to change your password.
2. Click in the new password field
3. Click the Pazz icon
4. Enter a unique and memorable master password
5. Click 'Fill Field'

Using Pazz to sign in:
1. Visit a website you have an account at and used Pazz to generate the password for and navigate to the site's login form.
2. Click the password field
3. Click the Pazz icon
4. Enter your master password
5. Click 'Fill Field'

Note that Pazz doesn't deal with your username or email address on the login forms. You'll have to handle that yourself.

Important: Make sure you are careful about the site name. If the site changes from what it was when you generated the password you will get a different one back. This can happen if the site uses multiple subdomains (such as vs or if the site moves to a different URL. You can always type the site in manually to get around this and get your old password back.

Important: Don't forget your master password, if you do you can never get any passwords back.

Important: Don't use a very simple master password, there is no 'username' to go with the password, so using something common might leave you vulnerable to someone else guessing it.

Note: Pazz is intended for a reasonably tech savvy audience so if you don't understand something above, perhaps wait for some usability enhancements before trying Pazz.

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