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Performs syntax highlighting on files visited in the browser based on their extensionSyntaxtic! is a chrome extension for syntax highlighting on source files opened in Chrome. This extension was primarily designed for viewing files hosted in a web accessible version control system that doesn't natively provide highlighting but the usage certainly doesn't end there.

A variety of color themes and default sizes can now be selected from the extension options page.

Supported Languages:
Actionscript (.as .actionscript)
Bash (.sh)
C++ (.cpp .h .cc)
C# (.cs)
C (.c .h)
Clojure (.clj)
CoffeeScript (.coffee)
CSS (.css)
Diff (.diff .patch)
Erlang (.erl)
Groovy (.groovy)
Go (.go)
JavaScript (.js)
Java (.java)
JavaFX (.fx)
Latex (.tex)
Objective-C (.m, .h)
Perl (.pl .perl .pm)
PlainText (.txt)
PowerShell (.ps1 .ps2)
Python (.py)
Ruby (.rb)
Scala (.scala)
Sql (.sql)
VisualBasic (.vb)
Xcode Project (.pbxproj)

Experimental Support:
Bibtex (.bib .bibtex)
Common Lisp (.lisp .emacs)
CSV pretty printing

Any file ending in one of the above extensions will be automatically highlighted using the appropriate grammar.

Any comments or suggestions can be directed to or submitted as issues to

This extension would not be possible without Alex Gorbatchev's fantastic syntax highlighting API available at


- Added check for content-type = text/html. If found, does not perform syntax highlighting

- Added .cc as a c++ alias and .pm as a perl alias per request

- Fixed actionscript as c# issue
- Fixed .cc aliasing

- Added options page with selectable theme and size

- Removed unused permissions

- Added action button to disable line numbers or highlighting for the current page
- Updated to current version of extension manifest
- Small bug fixes
- Removed XML highlighting to let the default webkit viewer do it's thing

- Added support for Go and CoffeeScript

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