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Invite and review candidates in from your ATSThis is the Chrome Extension you’re looking for!

“Shortlister Connect” connects to Candidate Management Systems, securely passing information back and forth to reduce the admin effort of managing the two systems.

“Shortlister Connect” enables you to:

• Invite candidates to Shortlister interviews from their profile in your ATS
• Access your candidates interview from their profile in your ATS
• Check a candidate’s average rating in from their profile in your ATS

Got a question or a support request?

Contact our support team by email via [email protected]

Can’t use “Shortlister Connect”?

Only registered account holders of Shortlister can use this Chrome Extension - and only after the extension has been configured by the Shortlister integration team for their particular ATS. Ask your Shortlister account manager about configuring the Chrome Extension for your ATS.

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