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Export a list of URLs from open tabs, or bulk-open a list of pasted URLs.Simplified import/export of your current browsing session: it creates a list of the open tabs from the active window, allowing you to share this list however you choose (e.g. via email or basic text file). You can also paste that list of urls to open them all in new tabs.

Specifics on usage:
1. It checks for links, one per line
2. Links must be the only thing on the line
3. Links are identified by starting with 'http' or containing '://'
4. Anything not matching link criteria is ignored (i.e. title lines)

1. Tabs and Browsing Activity -- required to get the list of open tabs. Does not check for anything else.

Inspired by "Tab-Snap", which graciously provides its source code. Likewise, view full source for this extension at

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