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A calendar view and scheduler for your YouTube Video ManagerUpdate 5/02/17:
Alpha 5 is here with 2 new features! You can now drag to reschedule videos already in the calendar, and the calendar now attempts to show you all scheduled videos instead of just the ones on the current page.

Note: Due to the way the Video Manager works, displaying all scheduled videos may not work as expected for a very small percentage of users. An optional fix for this is in development, but feel free to contact support or post an issue if you believe you are impacted by this.


Creator Calendar is a simple calendar view for your upcoming scheduled videos on YouTube. It provides a collapsible calendar that allows content creators to quickly and easily ensure that all of their content is scheduled for the proper day and time, and allows creators to drag-and-drop their private videos into the calendar for hassle-free scheduling.

Once installed, simply click "Show Calendar" at the top of the Video Manager Page in the Creator Studio. Video thumbnails will appear on the day corresponding to their scheduled publishing. Hover your mouse over a thumbnail to view the video title and scheduled time.

Expand your calendar and drag the 3x3 grid symbol to the right of any private video into a calendar tile. Select a time in the popup, click 'Schedule' to confirm, and bingo bango! Your video has been scheduled!

Other Features:
* Start weeks on Sunday or Monday.
* Color code each day of the week.
* Right click scheduled thumbnails to quickly create a Google Calendar Event Template.

Disclaimer: This software is still in early stages of development and may contain bugs. The software is provided "as-is" by the developer with no expressed or implied warranties.

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