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Navigate your car through a mini game and dodge the red car in another game.(IMPORTANT make sure you read the instructions in the game, as not all instructions are listed here) Crazy Cars has two parts to it, a mini game and a 'main' game to it. In the mini game you have to collect as many lives as you can for the 'main' game. Get to the other side of the 4 crazy cars to collect a coin and gain a life. Although this mini game can be VERY hard and you may not get to the other side, it won't matter because you will already have by default one life to start the 'main' game. In the 'main' game, you can collect the missile surrounded by red and yellow to increase your missile count by one. You can also collect the hearts which will give you one extra life and the orange coins which will increase your score by five. Avoid the crazy red car to get more points and HAVE FUN!

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