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Bacon Themed Infinite JumperHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a strip of bacon leaping from frying pan to frying pan to reach new heights in a bacon sky? Well, probably not. but nonetheless you can wonder no more with Bacon Jump!

Take control of Bako the bacon stripper as he climbs an endless series of hot, sizzling frying pans. Climb higher to achieve higher scores. It's simplicity itself and almost as addictive as the delight for which it's named.

Arrow keys to move left and right
"P" to pause

Changelog v2.4
-Added a few more player skins
-Made skins unlock based on high score
-Added the coveted Golden Bacon skin with golden bacon grease

Changelog v2.3
-Added Power-ups
-Big red arrow launches you upwards.
-Clock slows down time to half its normal speed.
-The Bubble gives you a shield for 30 seconds in which the veggies cant hurt you.
-Jumping on Veggies sends you higher than jumping on frying pans
-Retextured a few things here and there.

Changelog v2.2
-Re-textured Exit Button
-Added more player skins, [accessible by clicking on Bako (the default skin) in home]
-reworked movement system to improve compatibility.

Changelog v2.1
-Added Exit Button
-Added in game pause, "P" toggles

Changelog v2.0
-Added Enemies (Lettuce + tomato and celery)
*jump on enemies to kill them hit them otherwise and they kill you
-Added High Score bar
*let's you know in game when you pass your high score.
-Added High Score reset in settings

Changelog v1.5
-Platforms stay within the sides of the game
-removed Paypal link from game because it was ugly and no one used it.
-Improved memory usage
-Improved collision polygons.

Changelog v1.4
-Finally fixed High Score!
-added Paypal donation link just in case you want to help this poor student through college.

Changelog v1.3
-reduced jump height (increases difficulty but makes previous platform still visible.
-added platform speed slider to settings.
-fixed description in manifest.

Changelog v1.2:
-added music
-added startup screen
-added settings screen
-added particle effect when player collides with platform
-added High Score (Broken)

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