League of Legends DJ Sona 1920x1080

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League of Legends Ethereal DJ Sona Chrome themeLeague of Legends Ethereal DJ Sona Google Chrome theme, 1920x1080 HD
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Donations are graciously accepted and I would gladly accept new theme or alternate resolution requests through emails to [email protected]

Thank you! <3

If you would like your "new tab" page to appear like the screenshot you can install a free extension do to so at this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/show-apps-in-new-tab/nohbdifokmdgjcbbeobglcbaifinhfip?hl=en
To even make your new tab screen blank so you can see the full background image you can install the extension above so your new tab page is your apps page, then drag your apps one by one to the right side of the screen onto another page, then click back to your blank page :)

If your the background image is too zoomed in you will want to make sure you have 1920x1080 screen resolution by going to your display settings through the control panel. (Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution) For Windows 10.

If you have the right resolution then you may want to try clicking the three horizontal bars at the top right of Google Chrome, clicking settings, then advanced settings, then web content, click large for your font and then go back to your new tab page and hold down command or ctrl and scroll to zoom in and out to your liking.

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