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The Ways of History is a massively multiplayer browser-based real-time strategy game. Thousands of players on five continents,…The Ways of History is a massively multiplayer browser-based real-time strategy game. Thousands of players on five continents, hundreds of sciences and structures, and full-scale military action.

It is now up to you to clear yourself a path through the fog of millennia to your glorious future.

You could choose to become a great warlord, crushing your worthless enemies with your innumerable armadas. Or you could choose the way of the scholar, using your brilliant mind to solve all the riddles of the universe. Or perhaps you will become a savvy politician, bending other nations to your will as you artfully play upon the secret desires of men. Or you could choose the way of the merchant, linking mighty empires and backwater villages by endless caravan routes as you conquer the world with coin...

Your unique path through world history will begin with an empty settlement. At first, only fifteen tribesmen gather under your wise command. This is the first step — the Stone Age.
As you construct buildings, the population of your village will grow.

Choose your people’s activities wisely, and they will procure the resources your settlement needs to grow.
At first, only three types of resources will be available to you:
Knowledge, Food and Wood.
But in time you will learn to colonize the deposits of special resources that you can sell to your neighbors or use for your own ends.

Acquire knowledge and master the sciences!
Each science will provide you with new potential that you can harness as you work your way from the Stone Age to modernity.
There are about 150 sciences, each of which will give you access to vast new fields of endeavor, revealing a variety of new construction technologies and enabling new economic, political, and military developments.

As you study new sciences, you will learn to construct new buildings and Wonders of the World.
And train new armies.

Your map will allow you to explore the land around you, encounter your neighbors, discover and inspect resource deposit locations, plan your future development, and choose sites for new cities.

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