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The simplest approach to time management; a hourglass for our era.Don' t let the term of time management actually distract you from your work. hourglAss is a time management tool for people especially with ADD and low attention span. It helps to materialize the time passing; showing actually how many seconds you have been working/resting. Just try to end the day with a positive seconds balance...
Written in pure javascript, designed to be cross-device and cpu friendly.
*First tap means work,
*Second tap pauses the timer
*Third tap means break, your balance will be rounded to minutes and hours, too.
It is that simple...
-It is best to work and earn your seconds first; so you can spend it!
-You can launch it as a window, just click right at hourglAss on the new tab page and tick "Open as window".
-Your daily balance will reset at midnight, so try to not fall below zero.
*Multiple taps at once breaks the timer so just tap once and give it a second. (I wanted to keep the CPU load minimum.)
*hourglAss saves your seconds as a cookie only when paused. But when you work during midnight, it won' t reset due to cookies nature. If so, you can manually delete hourglass.alperdurukan.com' s cookies.
*Indicator favicon currently not showing on Linux. Haven' t tested on Mac.
If you have any thought in your mind; please contact me to help me make it better. :-)
*Migrated to a new base, minimized queries and doubled the speed!
*Now you can get the similar native-ish experience on your smartphone via Chrome Browser, just "Add to Home Screen".
*App now works windowed mode only to prevent auto suspend on low-end devices with scarce cpu power.
*Groundbreaking features on my mind, stay tuned!

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