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Removing the friction with using Youtube as a music player.Do you use Youtube as a music player? If so, then Youtube Prime is just for you. It doesn't do much, but it does it well: providing shortcuts to your Youtube tab.

In a nutshell, the experience will be as follows:
1- A Youtube tab is created and pinned. If you already have one there, Youtube Prime will use that one.
2- That's it! You can now use the shortcuts from any other Chrome tab.

1- ALT + P: Play/pause video
2- ALT + S: Search. Switch to Youtube tab and select search bar
3- ALT + L: Leap between player tab and last navigated tab
4- ALT + A: Turn on/off the extension's features.
* On Linux and Mac, you might have to set the shortcuts yourself. Open a new tab, navigate to chrome://extensions/configureCommands, and set the shortcut keys under the Youtube Prime extension.

Youtube Prime is open-source! See the code:

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