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Adds charts to Timus Online Judge profilesThe extension adds a chart of count of solved problems to Timus Online Judge's profiles and comparator.


* A chart of count of solved problems in profiles and during comparison

* Adding more users to the chart, removing them, customizing legend colors

* Caching profile data

* Hiding the chart

* (optional) Highlighting problems accepted in recent two months

The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Opera.


# v1.4

Show copyright during loading, fix minor issues.

# v1.3

New features:

* Highlighting problems accepted in recent two months


* The chart place now appears immediately, without waiting until the browser has finished page loading

* Removed all animation

# v1.2

Fixed bug with months on the chart

# v1.1


* Removed additional problems map coloring. If you liked this colors, you can install Stylish extension and Timus Red Alert theme: https://userstyles.org/styles/70444/timus-red-alert

* Small cosmetic changes

* Added autoupdate for Greasemonkey


* Workaround for Timus API exception that occurs when an author has submits on deleted problems (e.g. in private contests)

* Fixed bug with accounts with large number of submits in some browsers

* Improved error handling

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