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Access the Cheesto User Status system of the Dandelion web application without an open tab.Dandelion is a web-based logging application to keep track of what the user wants to track. It was designed from an IT standpoint for logging changes to infrastructure and servers. But it can be used in a wide range of settings. Cheesto is the user status module in Dandelion. It can be utilized to track where a person is and when they will return.

This extension interfaces with the Dandelion public API to show you the Cheesto statuses of users. Make sure the public API in your Dandelion installation is enabled. If it is you will see an API key in your user settings page. You need to provide the address of your Dandelion instance and your public API which can be found under Settings -> API Key.

This extension only works with Dandelion version 5+. Dandelion versions <5 do not have a public API and thus will not work with this extension.

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