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A chrome extension that colors PCR classes and tests/quizzes with different shadesColor PCR is a chrome extension for students at schools that use the PCR homework management system. This extension automatically changes the color for each of your classes and colors tests and quizzes bright red to maximize productivity and help time management. It furthermore changes the opacity of classwork and homework assignments to enhance the importance of homework.

Please report any issues at

Thanks to Grace Guan for the screenshots.

Version 0.0.7
- Study of [*]/Test Color bugfix
- Colors made more aesthetically appealing

Version 0.0.6
- Test color is now a distinct bright blue
- Classwork is faded out and returns to normal shade on hover (makes homework more prominent)

Version 0.0.5
- Major bugfixes from 0.0.4
- (wip) transparency added

Version 0.0.4
- Test color has been changed to bright red

Version 0.0.3
- Bugfix in regex checking that colored entire dashboard white

Version 0.0.2
- Minor updates to code, improve load time

Version 0.0.1
- Initial release

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