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SIP Phone Click2Call. Detect telephone numbers on the web and convert them to sip, tel, callto (click to call links)SIP PHONE CLICK TO CALL is a Click2Call browser extension for Chrome. This Click To Call app is very simple and light. It is very similar to what Skype does, when installed it reads all phone numbers in the browser and set them up for you to click-to-call.

- Integrate with VoIP phone, IP telephony system, pass calls to the SIP software installed in the computer. Just by placing the url on the browser we will be set for the click-to-call telephone system to work.

- Read the html on any page you're browsing and convert every phone number to link with URL "sip:PHONE-NUMBER", "tel:PHONE-NUMBER" or "callto:PHONE-NUMBER" or any special protocol of your choice.

- SipCaller is the only ClickToCall app that supports special & custom protocol. It is possible to integrate with any kind of SoftPhone. Just set up your soft phone as the protocol handler, then input it in SipCaller app.

- Support HTTP GET request to integrate with custom VOIP server. Input your server link with $NUMBER placeholder. To ring a call, just click a phone number, the Click2Call app will send request to your VOIP server.

- Support special & custom protocol to integrate with any kind of soft phone.
- Support HTTP GET request with custom URL and phone $NUMBER placeholder. New way to toll the calls: click phone number to send http request to your VOIP server.
- Added option page, click SipCaller button to switch protocol
- Support all soft phones that use the protocols: sip, tel, callto
- Detect most of number formats
- Pass the + or 00 in sip URL, so it works for global calls
- Detect more phone number formats
- Bugfixes
- First publish

- Implement a new workflow for phone number detection.
- Implement a new workflow for working on most websites and CRM platforms, i.e., gmail, yahoo,


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