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Smash any Kahoot!The new generation of kahoot-smasher has arrived! You can smash with hundreds of bots instead of tens. Whats more you can actually see their answers live and bypass 2-step verification!

Even play kahoot with no freinds - finally an extension that will allow you to sit at home all day with you computer and your trusty kahoots (endless fun)! Who needs hobbies when you can listen to those catchy tunes!

The Kahoot smasher is an extension that allows you to use the kahoot-smasher.tk website. This service joins a Kahoot (of the game pin you specify) as many times as possible with randomized names and begins to randomly answer the questions attempting to get on the leader board.


Special thanks to Qui Le (quile78) for providing http://kahoot-smash.com as an alternate domain

**For educational and testing purposes. I am not responsible for any misuse of this extension

***This extension is not owned nor endorsed by Kahoot!

*** This extension is only designed to be used on your own kahoots as a revision aid and is not intended to harm learning in any way

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