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Ctrl-Q. This extension allows you to add the current webpage to your Todoist inbox with one click or a shortcut.Add any webpage to your Todoist Inbox with one click or CONTROL-Q. Adds a clickable link as a task in your Todoist Inbox. The title of the webpage is the text of the task. The url of the page is the link used when you click the task.

New in Version 1.4:
- Change the keyboard shortcut
- Set a default Todoist project for your task: Inbox or any custom project
- Set a default due date for all new tasks

1.4.5: Bug fixes.

Works great with GMail. To add an email to your Todoist Inbox, just click CONTROL-Q (Mac:CTRL-Q). That is it. Uninstall the Todoist GMail plugin so you don't have it messing up your GMail workflow.

Great for GTD workflow - add to TD Inbox with CONTROL-Q and move on to the next task.

This extension uses Oauth2 to authenticate you with Todoist - so your credentials stay secure. Syncs across all your Chrome browsers - install and authenticate once and it will work on all your Chrome desktop installs.

KEYBOARD SHORTCUT: CONTROL-Q to add the current webpage to your Todoist Inbox. Same on MacOS: CONTROL-Q (not Command).

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