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A cloud-based solution for Clio users who's hosted VOIP provider runs on the BroadWorks platform.Note: You must have a confirmation code to use the features of this extension. Confirmation Codes can be obtained from your VoIP service provider.


The extension allows users to click-to-dial any number appearing in a Google Chrome browser and connects the call through their VoIP service provider.

- Click to Call
Click-to-dial any number appearing in a Google Chrome browser and connect the call through the VoIP service provider.

- Automated Call Logging
Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls from VoIP service provider to Clio when the caller id or clicked number is matched to either a Salesforce contact or lead.

- Incoming/Outbound Screen Pop
Incoming screen pop with answer or decline and send to voicemail options. Call in progress screen pop with end call or open call log window options. Missed call screen pop with call back or call back and open call log window options.

- Quick Add Phone Numbers to Clio
Unrecognized numbers can be added to new or existing contacts, leads or accounts from the call log window.

- Call Tagging and Note Taking
Easy to use call tagging and note taking for all inbound/outbound calls. You have the option to associate the call to Clio People, Accounts, and Matters.

- Administrator Role for Account Wide Features
Admins can enable features account wide:call logging for un-matched numbers in Clio, auto open call log window, minimum character limits in call notes, and customizable call noting subject structure.

- Quick Access to Missed Calls and Calls not Logged
The reports tab in the gUnify Panel allows users to quickly view and act on missed calls, calls not logged to Clio, and calls that associated the multiple Clio people.

- Background App Ability
gUnify Clio Connector AI can run in the background without any Chrome window or tab being open. Chrome will start running in the background when the system is restarted allowing screen pop notifications to work without user action

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