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Improves the web for Calvin College students!With CalvinStudent,

* The Campus Store helps you find the best prices.

* People Search displays a grid of images.

* An icon in the Google Chrome toolbar provides a list of useful links.

If you find bugs, please report them to the CalvinStudent developers.

If you want to contribute, check out <>.


* CalvinStudent is not officially endorsed by Michael LeRoy or Calvin College.

* CalvinStudent links to several websites which are not the property of CalvinStudent.

* If CalvinStudent causes bad things to happen, the developers are not liable. (Sorry about this line! Please contact us if anything goes wrong, and we'll try to make it right!)

Changelog highlights:

2015 May 25 - I graduated! If you're reading this changelog, maybe you should take over this extension. Contact me (pjvandehaar). There's $X00 in it for you if you do good work.

2013 Jan 6 - version 1.0.35 - Adds new & used prices to the CalvinStore textbooks page. Hopefully shows interim courses in the Moodle quicklinks bar.

2013 Dec 16 - version 1.0.33 - Restores the dropdown. Improves the CalvinStore textbooks page.

2013 Dec 14 - version 1.0.32 - redoes the dropdown. Contact me if you're upset that it's not configurable or if there's a link you want included.

2013 Dec 13 - version 1.0.31 - adds courses to the quicklinks bar on Moodle. Thanks to Phil for this idea!

2013 Dec 9 - version 1.0.30 - adds new default links to the dropdown, and adds information to the Calvin Store.

2013 Nov 27 - version 1.0.26 - adds adorable default images to People Search! Thanks to Jin for the idea!

2013 Nov 25 - version 1.0.24 - maybe fixes the issue where the dropdown occasionally displays incorrectly.

2013 Nov 25 - version 1.0.23 - Adds the options page for configuring the dropdown.

2013 Nov 22 - version 1.0.20 - Keeps the dropdown in the background to enspeeden loading.

2013 Nov 19 - version 1.0.17 - Fixes the WebPrint issues.

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