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Adds extra functions to Hacker NewsHNHance is a collection of assorted small enhancements for Hacker News ( All features and themes can be configured and disabled by a non-intrusive settings menu. Some modifications were written by myself, some were tweaked, and some were blatantly sourced from appropriately licensed places throughout the internet.

Features (1.4)

- Dim visited comment links
- Show parent hover links
- Show related 4chan /g/ links
- Show submissions link
- Confirm downvotes
- Allow collapsing threads
- Display user info on hover
- Highlight comments from submitter
- "HN-Segoe" theme
- "Modern" theme
- "GeorgifyMod" theme
- "Georgify Monokai" theme

Please feel free to modify and add features to HNHance, patches are accepted by email.

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