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PLD Spell Star 1B: ch, ch, th, oo words is the second app in the four-game 'Spell Star' series from PLD Literacy & Learning.Spell Star 1B: ch, ch, th, oo, ee, ck words is the second app in the four-game ‘Spell Star’ series from PLD Literacy & Learning.

Created by Australia-based speech pathologist Diana Rigg, this dynamic and engaging game was designed for children from 5-6 years old. It's designed to teach children about words with sh, ch, th, oo, ee and ck, such as luck, ship, chat, them, teeth and look.

Note: This is the ‘lite’ version which includes full access to the first level, while other levels are locked. Due to limitations with the Chrome Web Store, we’re not currently able to offer in-app purchases to unlock subsequent levels, however when Google add this functionality, we will update the app so you can unlock subsequent levels or purchase the full version.

Children will get lots of practice spelling and sounding out these simple words, which gradually increase in complexity as children progress through the game.

What's more, this unique app series teaches children to “sound out” spelling words using the alphabet and phonic sounds.

What is PLD Literacy & Learning?
PLD Literacy & Learning specialises in educational materials for children between the ages of 4 to 7 years. Our published learning materials have been used both in the home and in schools for years.

Today, PLD Literacy & Learning is in the process of developing apps for the main mobile app platforms.

Spell Star has been designed by the highly-regarded Australian speech pathologist, Diana Rigg, and optimised for use on both phones and tablets across the main mobile platforms.
The Spell Star series of games are designed to help 5-7 year-olds develop and extend their spelling skills in a fun and engaging way. Each game increases in difficulty as the child progresses through the levels.
If you're in search of a fun and dynamic way to teach your children (or students) the fundamentals of spelling, it's time to discover the Spell Star apps from PLD Literacy & Learning!

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