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ExploringPhysics is a proprietary new educational technology that offers a digital workbook eLearning platform.This app is dedicated to serving our Exploring Physics members. Carry a textbook, workbook and lab book ALL-IN-ONE on your iPad wherever you go. With the Exploring Physics Curriculum App, you can purchase a library of dynamic eUnits™ for a yearlong course in conceptual physics. Each eUnit addresses essential physics concepts such as motion, forces, energy, electricity, waves, and more. The Exploring Physics curriculum, based on inquiry and modeling pedagogies from award-winning physics educators, has been tested by over ten thousand students and their teachers.

The app provides each eUnit with the following features:
embedded images, audio, videos, animations, simulations
tooltips (pop-up definitions)
student entry of text, equations, drawings, and graphs
submission of student work to teachers within each eUnit
seamless grading and feedback by teachers within each eUnit
drawing tool
graphing tool
text tool
equation tool
calculator tool
calendar tool
whiteboard tool
search tool
teacher resources (learning goals, videos, NGSS alignment, materials lists, common student misconceptions, etc.)
sync your workbook across other types of devices (tablets and computers)

All of the interactive elements can be utilized without an internet connection. The only time you require an internet connection is for brief instances, such as when you download eUnits, submit answers or need to sync your notes.

The development of the Exploring Physics curriculum was funded by the National Science Foundation.

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