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This extension makes reading on Chrome easy and audibleVoiceRead is a Google Chrome extension made to make reading the web a breeze. Inspired by the VoiceDream app on iPad, VoiceRead integrates text-to-speech with synchronized highlighting and a customizable personalized web reading interface. It was originally made for 6.811 at MIT, Principles and Practices of Assistive Technology, to help assist a client with dyslexia.

NOTE THIS IS A BETA VERSION. There are bugs, and some voices are not as well supported as others. VoiceRead is open-source, feel free to fix any bugs you find here: https://github.com/jinmajin/voiceread-for-chrome

Currently English-only, but if there is interest we can adapt for other languages.

To use, highlight text in the browser and hit the shortcut "ALT+R" to open VoiceRead. You can pause/play by selecting the button in the corner or also by hitting spacebar. Hit "S" while in VoiceRead to open/close the settings panel. You can also use the left and right arrow keys to increase/decrease reading speed on the fly.

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