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A bunch of tools for manage geo positioning and spatial calculationsGeoPad is a packaged app, for developers, that allows to calculate values related with spatial and geo positioning; it's based on Google Maps cartography, and a lot of open source projects for calculations.

Do you want to know some features?
- calculate distance between to different coordinates
- calculate time of the trip at given speed
- find latitude and longitude of a draggable marker on map
- build visualization scenario on map (with markers)
- displays current device location (if available)
- converts coordinates from decimal to sexagesimal notation (and viceversa)
- converts measures of space (meters, miles, yard, seamiles, etc.)
- converts speed from [m/s] to [km/m] or [knots]
- builds charts (area, column, bar, etc) for use in your presentations and documents

This is just an early preview version: please be so kind to report any bug or issue.


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